Building a healthy, equitable and
sustainable future through the power
of teen civic engagement.

Planting Seeds of Change in NYC


Join with teens across NYC.
Grow fresh food. Advocate for
health and wellness in an
at-risk community.

Be a Force for Positive Change


Partner with us. Build a farm
and a hub for fresh food, nutrition
education and healthy, sustainable
living at your school.

Bring Food Justice to Your Community


Support and encourage youth service.
Inspire a new generation of leaders.
Fuel the movement for access to
healthy, nutritious food.

Invest in a healthy, sustainable future


Join our online community.
Stay informed and help raise
awareness of equitable,
sustainable approaches to food.

Together we can make a difference!

Empowering Teens Feeding Communities Building a Healthy Sustainable Future

teens for food justice in action

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Meet Alyssa, our new Farm
Manager! She is one of three
TFFJ graduates who rejoined
us as mentors to the new teen
team. Alyssa spends three
afternoons weekly maintaining
the classroom farm and helping
instruct the New Beginnings
middle school Green Team.

Read Her Story